Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Talk Of Michael Jackson Returning From The Dead Hits Online Sportsbooks

It seems as if we may have another Elvis Presley case on our hands, as online sportsbooks are talking about the possibility of Michael Jackson coming back to life.

Depending on what religious beliefs you may have, the idea of Michael Jackson coming back to life may be as funny as it sounds, or as likely to happen as you believe. Like every great idol in our time, the world suffered a great loss when the King of Pop died unexpectedly.

Will Michael Jackson come back to life between the dates of January 1st, 2011 and December 31st, 2011?

LOS ANGELES -- A hearing is scheduled today on evidence in the case of Dr. Conrad Murray, who is charged with involuntary manslaughter in pop singer Michael Jackson's June 2009 death.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Michael Jackson: Syringes May Undergo Testing

Michael Jackson sign in syringes undergo gtesting as per the request of defense lawyer with the criminal case of Dr. Conrad Murray charged with his death. Supervise judge made a decision to schedule previous night:


Dr. Murray’s attorneys have asked, "As for the reason why? They want to determine how much anesthetic Propofol and lidocaine they contained. And time is of the essence! Attorneys claim liquids in one of the syringes has now turned into salt. In court filings, coroner’s officials say the test was not necessary to determine the cause of Michael’s death".

Friday, 10 December 2010

Michael album 'commemorates' him

According to collaborator Akon,Micheal new album can be considered more of an attempt to honour the memory of a legend than an example of his finest material.

"I wouldn't compare this album to any of his albums. The albums that he made up til now were legendary... Mike at his peak, at the height of his creativity," Akon, who co-wrote the album's first single Hold My Hand.

He went on: "This is not like a finished product that you can compare anything to. It's more of an album that you can hold on to to commemorate and appreciate his legacy."